Realizing a food secure planet

Strategy and data tools to empower your development team in the global South.


We’ve been in your shoes, running hard; development projects in Africa for over twenty years, relief projects in the Caribbean since 2008.  Now we’re at your side, helping you conceive a winning field strategy.

Software Development

We built the xIndicate mobile app to expedite data collection and reporting so your teams can spend more time in the field with your clients and less time in transit to HQ.  

Our Vision

We design strategy that is informed by past lessons and builds resilience within communities. We believe that effective rural development has the most impact when remotely-based field teams have access to training and tools adapted to work in the toughest environments.

Collect and relay offline data seamlessly.


A mobile and web platform that allows you to collect and relay data asynchronously through a private Disruption (Delay) Tolerant Network.